Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Barcode Scanner

If you've been wondering how to scan those QR codes you see from time to time (like the ones posted on here) then Barcode Scanner is a good solution. 

With this handy app you can scan regular barcodes on products and look up pricing and reviews.  If you scan a book's barcode you can search inside the book for a word and find where it occurs (if the book is on

Or you can scan QR codes which can store anything from contact info, URLs, SMS or plaintext messages, and more.  If you see a QR code on this site to download an app that you want, you can just scan your monitor and it'll take you to the place to download the app.

Usage of Barcode Scanner is pretty straightforward and easy to figure out.  The only downside to it could be the fact that it does not retain a history of previous scans.  Personally I'm not sure if that's a drawback or not, since I'm not sure I'd want it to keep a history.

So, should you download barcode scanner? The answer to that question lies in this QR code:


  1. Ahh I know that there putting these on phones now! interesting read! thanks for recent support!

  2. You can also do it online here:

  3. Nice might have to try it out

  4. yep very useful...I love QR codes as well, so useful

  5. I use ShopSavvy. Works perfect

  6. I always wondered what those strange pictures should mean until now

  7. Still not enough QR codes in the world, but when there are, we shall be prepared!

    With phones held above our heads, we will ride at them and scan them vigorously.

    All your QR codes?

    They belong to us!