Sunday, March 6, 2011


I'm posting this etirely from my phone using the Blogger app.  It seems pretty well set up and easy to use. 

It seems to have a few less options than using a computer.  I wish it could schedule posts to go up at a later time, but aside from the minor drawbacks it is pretty convenient and can access my camera so I can take pictures and put em on here easily...If I wanted to.

Here's a screenshot I just took:

And the QR code to download the app. 

I won't make all my posts this way, but is is nice to have the option.


  1. apparently the blogger app puts all your photos at the end of the post with no way to format them at all. but it's still not bad.

  2. Given that it's from a phone, that's still pretty goddamn impressive.

  3. I've downloaded Blogger on Android, but never had a go at it... Good luck with your blog!

  4. Pretty handy, you can blog while traveling/waiting.